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Aug 18, 2006 10:12 PM

Vancouver - Cru or Chambar?

I'm trying to decide between these two restaurants for one of our evenings in Vancouver. Can anyone help?

Other suggestions are welcome. We have reservations at West for their prix-fixe early dinner. We eat everything, but are not interested in Chinese or Indian for this trip.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Atmosphere is very different at both places.

    Chambar -- loud, large-ish space. Beautiful room, very upbeat, it "pulses" if you know what I mean. It's downtown but -- I walk there no problem but someone not familiar w/Vancouver's street scene at night, might want to cab it.

    Cru -- small, more quiet space. Beautiful room, intimate. It is a cab ride away from downtown, in a strip of small shops, restaurants, etc. along Broadway.

    I can talk more about food, too, but thought I'd start with atmosphere.

    1. Thank you. Since it seems they both have very good food - and we eat everything - your description of the atmosphere helps us to make a decision. You solved our problem!


      1. Sylvia -- I just noticed your other Vancouver thread. If you're not into loud, scene-y places, than Chambar is not the place for you. It's an excellent establishment, just likely not what you're looking for. It sounds as though Cru would suit much better. Have fun!

        1. I just cancelled our reservation for Chambar and made one for Cru.
          You gave me the kind of information that one rarely gets from reading reviews. Thank you very much.


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            I just have to pipe in to say: while I haven't eaten at Cru, I wouldn't pass up Chambar based on the descriptions here of the ambiance. Yes, I imagine that it can be pulsing in the back room, but we sat in front, and the only off-putting vibe was from the loud USers at the next table (but that could happen anywhere!). It wasn't loud, it wasn't was also the coolest part of the restaurant (we were there in a heat wave, and very few places in Vancouver are air conditioned, meaning that if it is warm you want to be either near the door or on a patio)...and at my age I am definitely *not* into loud and scene-y. The food, otoh, was some of the best I ate in Vancouver. The salmon was wonderful...

            Just my two cents, it may not convince you, but I hope it doesn't keep others away!

            Hubby and I walked there and back from the Hyatt, it was easy to find.

          2. I hope you enjoy Cru. I spent new Year's eve there a couple of years ago and the food was excellent. It was a set menu but they did their best to accommodate my nut allergies at the last second.