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Aug 18, 2006 09:44 PM

Chowcooks: Fresh anchovies at the Ferry Building!

San Francisco Fish Company has had fresh anchovies two days in a row--a rare find, since usually the big fishies gobble them up on their way to our plates. They're delicious and only $3.99 a pound.

Just a heads-up to the folks who shop for dinner every day!

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  1. Inspired by your post, I asked my fish guy about anchovies and he handed me 2# worth. William just got in, watched me fiddle with deheading/gutting them and peeling off the filets, then said, "couldn't you use those as chum and catch a real fish?" (vbg)

    Here's Jen Maiser's recipe for marinated anchovies, a winner at the 2003 picnic -

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    1. Not this year, the waters outside the Gate have been wall to wall with anchovies but an absolute dead zone for salmon. The good news, I guess, is there is no shortage of 1/2 pound Pacific mackerel. If you find any at the local fishmongers they should be fresh and will be delicious grilled with a little S & P.

      1. I've been told by Cubby at Tokyo Fish that you can usually buy fresh anchovies at the Berkeley Pier in the early morning this time of year as there is someone who sells them as bait until he runs out, usually by 8 am. Never took him up on his advice tho so can't verify.

        If anyone ventures this, let us know. Thanks.

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          From ~May until ~September, live anchovies and occasionally sardines are available from Berkeley Marina and also Pier 45 (or 47, Dynos @ SF Bait) as live bait. They are fine for human consumption, but may be expensive compared to fresh dead.

          TomG is correct.

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