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Aug 18, 2006 09:38 PM

Bouchon Bakery- Yountville

Got a few things from the bakery last week:

- Chocolate bouchon ($1.75?): the size of a mini-muffin, it seems a cross between a rich chocolate muffin and a brownie. Deep chocolate flavor and not too sweet, I loved it.
- Baguette ($2.50): nice crunch but not enough flavor inside. I prefer ACME baguettes, plus theirs are only $1.55.
- Ham & cheese scone ($3.75): more like a biscuit, with little nubs of cheese and it looks like probably dill or some kind of herb inside. Disappointed that there was barely any ham, and the little nub I got was dried out and too chewy.
- Sticky bun ($3.75): nice toasted pecans on top, it held up well even when reheated in the toaster oven the next day. Good balance of cinnamon and sugar, very good and not too large as sticky buns can be.

Cute patio on the side if you want to relax or enjoy a picnic-type of lunch from the bakery. Well, if you ignore the loud whirring of the generator for the air conditioning unit for Bouchon next door.

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  1. I like their French macarons and p√Ętes de fruit.

    1. My experiences at Bouchon have also been mixed at best. One of my friends who lives in the valley insists that there was a brief shining period when the croissants were good, but I missed it. Surprisingly, besides the chocolate bouchon and the peanut butter cookie, the best thing I've had there was a bran muffin.

      My previous post on Bouchon bakery -

      1. A few days ago I had (well I didn't eat them all on the same day)

        coffe eclair - good but overly sweet and thick icing

        tomato and brie sandwich - really good but just tasted a hint of basil - it needed more basil or something to get to excellent

        sticky bun - good but not worth the price (not so different from what you can get elsewhere for less)

        raspberry and carmel macaroons - raspberry had raspberry jam-like btwn - good but too sweet

        carmel had a buttercream inbetween - good, but I'm not the best judge as I'm not a fan of buttercream - after the raspberry I was hoping for a "carmel" as the filling