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izakaya ?

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Anyone been to a decent Japanese tapas type place in Toronto? I love some of the ones in Vancouver - Like Happa Izakaya... but haven't found anything in TO that compares.

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  1. Sadly, I haven't found anything like guu or the other Vancovuer izakaya spots in Toronto - but I too would love to know if I've missed something. Tempo has rebranded itself as an izakaya restaurant - menu looks interesting but I haven't tried it yet.

    1. There is a restaurant called Izakaya on Front Street, near the St. Lawrence Market. I have looked at their menu and it looks great. Lots of small and sharing dishes, noodles too.

      I haven't tried it yet but I will soon.

      1. Izakaya on Front Street is more about their ramen noodles than tapas. I, too, am looking for a great Japanese tapas place similar to the ones in Vancouver (Guu, Happa, Shiru Bay, etc.). I've asked around and still haven't found one, sadly.

        1. What about Ematei on St. Patrick St.?

          1. say no to izakaya the actual restaurant.

            there isn't a true izakaya so to speak in Toronto. Ematei has a wide selection of items, but the pricing is a bit more upscale than your typical izakaya. Tokyo Kitchen on Charles near Yonge & Bloor is nice enough.

            what we really need is a yakitori joint.

            1. We need Yakitori AND Izakaya. Wish i could be the guy to bring it here! It will kill when we catch up to Guu. Izakaya on Front uses the term VERY LOOSELY!!! The only think Izakaya about it is the great selection of sakis. Half way there.

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                AND Shojin Ryori for us vegheads!

              2. Try out Doku 15 under the cosmopolitan hotel (doku15.com). I went for a staff party and we were treated like celebrities. The food was incredible, the martini menu is amazing and very creative. The night I was there they had a DJ in the lounge, but they also have a room in the back for more 'fine dining', where we hung out on lounge couch like chairs and small tables- ideal for entertaining. It was a GREAT experience, try it.

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                  Hi - I tried Doku 15 not long after they opened. The room is quite cool and the service was lovely. The food was pretty good - not hugely memorable - but tasty. BUT it isn't izakaya and it's got nothing on Guu. I agree - if Guu were to open in Toronto, it would be lined up 24/7.

                2. That is my first thing that I did when I first moved from Vancouver to Toronto. Unfortunately I still couldn't find any izakaya like those in Vancouver. I once tried a bowl of ramen (yes I was short of money that day) at the Izakaya on Front street, which the ramen tasted exactly the same as my MSG instant noddles in my kitchen! I don't understand, Toronto is such a big market and why there is no good izakaya here?