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Aug 18, 2006 08:47 PM

Fast & Inexpensive Dinner in Emeryville or West Oakland

Going to the movies in emeryville tonight. We're looking for something quick and inexpensive in Emeryville or West Oakland (other than the the Public Market and Emery Bay). We'll be driving from West Oakland Bart to Emeryville, so somewhere in that corridor would be good.

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  1. I like Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe ( when I'm going to the movies in Emeryville, but that's almost exclusively because I can get a reasonably-priced Guiness (or other beers, including Fat Tire) and hot home-style food late at night (and of course, because of the Clash reference). The food, however, is not spectacular. The breakfast menu is better than the dinner menu, imo.

    1. At Bay Street, Asqew Grill is pretty good as chains go.

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        Fuddruckers and ZAO are also at Bay St.

        But I'd probably go w/ Rudy's or Townhouse (if it's still there, been awhile since I've been there).

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Heading out now and don't know yet which we'll do. We might settle for the sausages and garlic fries at Sparks (Bay Street).