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Aug 18, 2006 08:21 PM

Review lunch at Spence Cafe in West Chester

Had lunch today at the Spence Cafe ( it was fabulous. Ususally we go for drinks and appetizers but hey, it's Friday in August.
I had
Hawaiin Butterfish on Boston Lettuce with sliced mango, hearts of palm, toasted macadamia nuts and ponzu vinaigrette...11.95
The fish was superb and of good size. With the combination of extras and that dressing, I literaly cleaned my plate. Which never happens with me and salads:
)My HD had
Blackened Florida Grouper on toasted Kaiser with creole remouloude...8.95
Also wonderful, very fresh and satisfying. He also chose the side of fries (beacuse it's Friday in August) and I ate half of them, they were that good.
The service (Mary)was attentive without being intrusive
Definitely a new favorite place for lunch

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  1. Kathi -- I just had dinner at Spence Cafe this past week. I agree with your review. I had been to there about 5 years ago so wasn't sure what to expect. Four of us went to celebrate my 40th b-day. I had the hearts of romaine salad with maytag cheese and roasted walnuts (yum.) Enjoyed the monkfish (on special) wrapped with applewood bacon. For dessert, I blew out the candle on a slice of chocolate peanut butter pie/tart. The only downside to our meal was that around 9:30 they start setting up for live music (cool!) but just about everyone around us started smoking (ugh!)

    We also love Gilmore's in WC -- great for an intimate night out!

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      Happy Birthday Paoli40!
      Glad you had a good dinner. We have friends who still smoke so we sit in the bar area when with them. It's great for them and we don't mind but we eat EARLY so I don't know how bad it gets later in the eveining. The other side of the restaurant is non-smoking.....
      Gilmore's is great but we always compare every restaurant to the High Street Cafe in WC, our diehard favorite.
      Have you all been to the "new" Fellinis in Paoli?