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Aug 18, 2006 08:18 PM

Scarboni NY Lobster & Steak House coming to Santa Monica

An ABC posting notice just went up on the former Pentola at 310-312 Wilshire Blvd., just east of Barnes & Noble, for this new restaurant. Anyone know of how they compare to any places locally?

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  1. I drive by that place every morning on my way to work, and there has been a lot of activity. The signage is up, and from the street, it almost looks ready to go. I, too, was wondering if anyone had info about this place. But if Carter doesn't know....

    1. I dined there recently (Friday night, Nov 24). The meal was phenomenal.

      We had a 6 pound lobster (shared between two of us), Filet Mignon, and a few starters. Even the salad was praiseworthy -- perfectly fresh. The booths are a little tight and the decor has yet to be broken in. This style needs the grit of time to earn its charm; right now it sometimes feels like you're on a movie set instead of a real location. Ironic, considering that was how Pentola was often used.

      The service was attentive but you could tell that the location is very new and the people haven't quite become a well-oiled machine. That said, the food was top-notch and perfectly prepared. We also enjoyed a bottle of wine and split some dessert.

      I predict this place will get better and better with age. Hopefully, conditions will exist for that to happen. One warning! Scarboni is NOT geared to those diners who are economizing. For three people, our bill was well over $400 before tip. All in all, it is a welcome addition to the neighborhood and I do highly recommend it if money is no object.

      In my opinion, if budget allows, this will become one of your new favorites. Compares most closely with Pacific Dining Car. I also hope it will nudge The Lobster and Ocean Avenue Seafood into serving larger lobsters.