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Aug 18, 2006 08:07 PM

Maine coast

My wife and I are going to the Maine coast a week from Sunday.

First part of trip -- a lazy drive along the coast, from Portland to Bar Harbor, on Sunday.

Second part -- staying four days at the Claremont Hotel in Southwest Harbor, near Bar Harbor.

Any recommendations for:
* Seafood lunch on the drive from Portland to Bar Harbor? Lobster pound-type place.

* Lobster, seafood and also vegetarian (I know, a strange combo) for the four days in Southwest Harbor/Bar Harbor area.


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  1. As far as SW Harbor, you must go to Beal's Lobster Pier. Nothing fancy at all, just a plain ol' lobster pound with picnic tables outside. Awesome fresh lobster for about $9. They have excellent onion rings, too!! (Sooo not good for you , though, but that's why they're great.)

    As for vegetarian, Eat A Pita in SW offers some good veggie fare using local fresh and/or organic ingredients. In Bar Harbor, the Lompoc Cafe offers quite a few vegetarian selections as well as bocce ball and great local brews. There is also a place in BH called the Alternative Market on Mt. Desert Street that offers all kinds of natural/vegetarian ingredients as well as sandwiches, salads, smoothies, etc. to go.

    Galyn's in Bar Harbor is my favorite. Very nice place. A lot of meat options, but lots of fresh seafood menu items and specials. Testa's is also a local favorite with an Italian emphasis.

    Hope that gives you a place to start! Have a great time.

    1. The easiest stop for lobster on the way up would be Lincolnville Beach, right on Rt. 1, which would be 2.5 to 3 hours from Portland if you didn't stop.

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        I've had two unsatisfactory experiences there. Nothing drastic (eg spoiled food or subsequent illness) just not pleasant and not particularly good. These occasions were widely separated in time (thought I'd give them a second try-that sort of thing). Just a mistake and I won't repeat.

      2. Really good seafood at Lobster Pound restaurant in Lincolnville Beach.

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          The Whales's Tooth is just past the lobster pound. Much better, the best, really, fish and chips, diverse menu, outdoor dining. Try it, in Lincolnville Beach

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            How long since you've been to Whale's Tooth? Its been getting nothing but horrid reviews lately.

        2. Waterman's Beach Lobster and Pie, Thomaston Cove

          1. I'd vote for Waterman's, too, as long as the weather is decent. It's worth the side trip (near Rockland).