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Aug 18, 2006 08:04 PM

Brunch in Bath, Brunswick or Freeport

Can anyone recommend a good Sunday brunch spot in the Bath/Brunswick area or in Freeport, Maine?

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  1. A formal brunch is available at Harrasseeket Inn in Freeport.

    More casual breakfast/brunch options include Mae's Cafe in Bath and a new place in Brunswick called Renaissance Bistro.

    1. Try 111 Maine on Maine St. in Brunswick. They have just started serving Brunch and it's delicious!

      1. If you want a place near Brunswick that's less formal than the Harraseeket, you might try the Sunday brunch at the Seadog brewery overlooking the river in Topsam.

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          That is, if you don't mind the smell of stale beer, which is always in the air there. The views are very good, however.

        2. You've overloooked Mae's Cafe, formerly Kristina's. They have a great weekend brunch, and serve breakfast during the week, I believe.

          You can get a decent informal breakfast in Freeport at Isabella's, and they have a good, cheap, nothing fancy breakfast at the Freeport Cafe. The Cafe gets really crowded on weekends in the summer. It is a good place for the basics at very reasonable prices.

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          1. re: MangiaMuse

            Mae's Cafe was not overlooked; I mentioned it in my post of Aug. 18th above. It is a place I recommend often for breakfast/brunch/lunch.

          2. I vote for Isabella's, too. Far from fancy but very good, very basic breakfast/brunch fare at very good prices. Probably better than the Harraseeket, given that their brunch is a buffet, so the eggs and french toast and sausages have been sitting out for a half hour or more before you slap them on your plate.