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Aug 18, 2006 07:59 PM

new to (west) LA

I recently moved down to West LA (near Playa del Rey) from Berkeley for work. I knew of everything yummy in Berkeley, but now I'm lost here. Where are some good affordable eats as well as fancier places (in case the company's paying:))? What can I just not miss?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hi--
    Welcome from Berkeley! I used to live there for 15 years (mostly in the 70s) and still go to visit friends. Had one of the best dinners of my life in the Chez Panisse upstairs this July for my friend's birthday.

    By the way, Playa del Rey isn't really considered West L.A.--you should probably say you live in the Marina del Rey area or Playa del Rey area. You could say you live on the Westside, but it's a big place. I'm not really good about the Marina--I do know Santa Monica and actual West L.A. There are lot of places in Venice, which is near you, that are good. You should really do a board search for cheap eats Marina and/or Venice. Playa del Rey is not a great food destination according to recent posts.

    A place I do love in the real West L.A. (i.e., Santa Monica Blvd. just east of Barrington) is Nook Bistro.

    I'm sure you'll get lots of posts, bearing in mind that you don't live in West L.A. proper.

    You also might want to specify types of cuisine. Enjoy it here. It's not Berkeley but it grows on you after...10 years or so (LOL).

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    1. re: ThatPat

      I live in the Venice area...Here are my picks to get you started in your new 'hood!

      Joe's Restaunt& Primativo on Abbott Kinney in Venice
      Akbar on Washington(just West of Lincoln).....good indian food Hinano's located at the end of Washington Blvd for an awesome burger.
      Abbott's Pizza on Abbott Kinney
      Torrilla Grill-great mexican & very reasonable
      Tsjuji No Hana in Marina del Rey for good sushi!
      Baby Blues BBQ on Lincoln, just between Venice & Rose.


    2. My small list of favorite reliable places... check out the Abbott Kinney neighborhood or Sawtelle corridor between Olympic and Santa Monica.

      La Playita, on Lincoln north of Rose: good fresh seafood cocktails
      La Oaxaquena taco truck, just south of there.
      Terried Sake House, Santa Monica near Barrington: Japanese izakaya... yakitori and small dishes.
      Simpang Asia, on National/Motor: best Indonesian rice plates in the area.
      Yashima, Sawtelle/Olympic: Pretty good udon/soba noodles.
      Ramenya, on Olympic west of Sawtelle: decent ramen for the westside. Also try Chabuya on Sawtelle.
      Hide Sushi, on Sawtelle: No-frills, basic fresh sushi.

      Jin Patisserie, dessert/tea shop on Abbott Kinney.
      Nook Bistro, across the street from Terried. Good food, not too expensive. Smallish space.
      Wakasan, on Westwood south of Santa Monica: prix-fixe izakaya.

      1. The Shack. Shack sports bar. Open air.

        Claim to fame is the shackburger. Good burger with added hot link. Not to some folks liking but many of us crave it now and again.

        Rinaldi's Deli in El Segundo. Really good sandwiches.

        Harvy's on the corner of Motor and Palms. Good cheese pastrami. (Fried)

        Pretrelli's Steakhouse GREAT Burger! I like their Ribeye but many disagree.

        1. Just got back from lunch at Schezwan Palace in Playa - the sweet and sour soup and Tangerine Chicken are very good and cheap.

          1. Tamara's Tamales on Washington Blvd just east of Lincoln
          2. If the company is paying, go to Joe's (Abbott Kinney) for lunch and pay heed to their lunch combo
          3. Abbott's pizza (on Abbott Kinney)
          4. There's an Indian restaurant on Pershing in Playa - forget name, but they have a good lunch buffet

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          1. re: sweetTooth

            I second all of these and also add a no order...

            1. C & O (one near the water and one on Washington)
            2. Mao's Kitchen (on Venice and Pacific I think...get the crispy chicken salad and salt and pep seafood)
            3. Baja Cantina
            4. Irori (in the Marina shopping center with Koo Koo Roo and Jerry's)
            5. Boa (upscale...get the company to pay)

            I used to work on the westside for about 2 years, and I miss Mao's and Tamara's! I need to get back soon!

          2. 26 Beach Restaurant 3100 Washington Brunch & Burgers & Exotic Pastas

            Wacky Wok Abbott Kinney & Washington Strip mall Tea Smoked Duck

            Tamaras Tamales Washington across from CostCo expensive, but good exotic tamales

            Taqueria Sanchez Inglewood south of Culver Mexican to go

            J&J Burgers & BBQ a few miles drive but worth it Adams 2 blocks east of Fairfax Do not confuse with J&R BBQ On LaCienega

            Dinahs for Fried Chicken & Apple Pancakes on Sepulveda near Jefferson