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Aug 18, 2006 07:47 PM

Any fun places in the financial district?

Just moved way downtown and would love to know where fun bars/restaurants are in the financial district? Especially places that would be good for a group of girls

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  1. Ise Japanese on 56 Pine. Ask too sit at the sushi bar where Massa is. He's very friendly, has a real party attitude and prepares sushi very well. The bartenders are pretty good too. I had a very nice apple martini. You might want to check if Massa has any homemade plumb wine as well.

    1. Any restaurant on Stone Street (Harry's, Ulysses, Adriennes, etc....especially on Thursday night.) Bridge Cafe on Water and Dover.


      1. welcome to the neighbourhood!

        Pizza-Adrienne's and Liberato's
        Japanese- Ise (sadly open only M-F, and sushi a la kawa for quick decent sushi)
        Mexican- Radio Mexico
        Thai- Benny's or Lemongrass
        Italian- Quartino
        French- Try Les Halles- on the wknd they have a good brunch for 17.64 includes appetizer and entree. I had the steak frites and it was pretty good.

        Hope this helps :=)