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Hummus in a Hurry!

Headed to Glendale and need outstanding Hummus to go for
a party tonight. Suggestions, please.

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  1. I am addicted to TJ's. I also read that Costco hummus is pretty good.

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        Third the Trader Joe's rec, but do avoid the Costco hummus. They are now selling a brand which has the smooth consistency of toothpaste, and has a faint chemical taste from the container (?).

    1. Your going to Glendale, but where and by what general route are you coming from?

      1. Cannot imagine that most of the Armenian restaurants in Glendale cannot serve you up some as a side dish in a to-go container. Carousel, Zankou, Mandaloun are some.
        If coming from E/Hollywood, Los Feliz, etc., then Marouch or Zankou.

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          I third Zankou! One of my favorites. Also, the spicy hummus from Trader Joes is good!

        2. You can get excellent hummos to go from any of the Zankou locations. I also second the recommendations of getting it to go from Caroussel in Hollywood or Glendale. Marouch (in Silverlake) also has excellent takeout hummos.



          1. I like the hummus they sell out of the fridge case at "Whole Food for Life" market on Los Feliz Blvd in Atwater Village, which should be on the way into Glendale if you're coming via the 5.

            Zankou's (as noted above) is pretty decent too, as is their mutabal/babaganoush.

            1. THANKS, ALL! I will hit one of the many suggestions! You saved the dinner party!

              1. For anyone cruising this listing just to find some hummas recommendations...while nowhere near Glendale to help this hound....the BEST I've ever had is at a little whole in the wall place next to the big newstand on the corner of Van Nuys & Ventura Blvd (inside the block on Van Nuys). It's a little middle eastern place (sorry can't remember the name) and while their hummas is served warm with a pile of sauteed mushrooms in the middle. It takes hummas to a whole new plain..and boy will you be the hit of the party...and even though it's good after it's cooled off..when it's hot, it's outstanding!!!

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                  It's called Pita Kitchen. Their falafel is good too, so that's what I usually get when I go there. The hummus with mushrooms caught my eye last night, though; next time I will definitely give that a try. They also have a version topped with whole fava beans too, if memory serves.

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                    yes i love pita kitchen, very amazing hummus, i take it to go quite often. also they have my favorite beef/lamb shwarma in the city, so great, i get a plate of that with hummus on the side, what an amazing dinner and so filling, can even be split for 2 people at only 9 bucks for a whole plate, this is one of the best deals ive found in the city. you cant really go wrong with anything there but my rec is definitely the beef/lamb schwarma and the hummus, i also like the chicken shish kabobs...its right off ventura blvd on van nuys next to the newsstand. My fave hummus though in the city comes from Carnival Restaurant which is on Woodman just North of Ventura in a little strip mall. Also my favorite lentil soup in the whole city, its made with lots of cumin. Anyway, best hummus goes to Carnival, but Pita Kitchen is definitely my number 2.

                  2. I might be a bit late in responding but I suppose this could be useful for future reference...

                    If you're anywhere near Pasadena, there's an Armenian/Middle Eastern style grocery store on Washington Blvd., just east of Allen called "Good Foods". This place used to be horrible but about a year or two ago, it was acquired by a new owner who's revamped the place and it clearly shows. The place is always busy and stocks lots of fresh products, including a butcher counter with cut and pre-marinated kebabs among other meats.

                    Near the back, they have a deli counter which has every kind of deli meat, cheeses and olives imaginable. Plus, directly in front of the deli counter, they have a self help refrigerated island with made fresh daily of hummus, baba-ganoush, taboule, meatless sarmas (grape leaves). Plus they have Halloume, String and other cheeses pre-packaged. As of lately, it's been my one stop shopping for all my Armenian foods. Prices and quality are fantastic! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

                    I hate to admit it but I too like TJ's hummus. I was skeptical at first but after trying it a couple of years ago, I'm a sold customer.

                    Good luck!