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Aug 18, 2006 06:51 PM

Best Dallas Sports Bar and Best Burger

I am heading up to Dallas for the Cowboys/Redskins game in Week 2, and I need some help.

#1 Best Sports Bar:

My wife is a Redskins fan - I a Cowboys fan and we need a place to sit and watch the noon games before checking into the Hotel and heading to the stadium.

Last time I was in for a game we hung out at Cool River Cafe, and I am not opposed to hitting Cool River again because I liked it, but just want to cover all my bases.

#2 Best Burger joint

I am used to big juicy tasty burgers like Kansas City's Westport Flea Market Burger, New Orlean's Port of Call, Houston's Lankfords so I am looking for a really good tasting 8 to 10 ounce burger that just almost melts in your mouth

Any places like that in Dallas?

Thank you for all your help in advance and I am looking forward to my trip to Dallas.

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  1. Kind of depends on what your requirements are for a sports bar. If you want a nicer place that has all the games and TV's in every corner, there is a Chammps on 114 just north of cowboy's stadium. They have decent food but nothing that will knock your socks off. Also in the area of the stadium is Humperdinks which will have a lot of TV's and your typical bar food.

    If you want a more local feel place then I'd try Frankies or The McKinney Avenue Tavern (The MAT). Both are in the uptown area and have better than standard bar food.

    1. Good burgers can be had at Snuffer's and Ball's. Houston's also has a great burger.

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        I second the endorsements of Snuffer's and Ball's. They have always been my destinations of choice for a good burger in Dallas.

        1. re: laurie

          I can't stand Snuffers, especially the one of Greenville Ave. And don't get me started on the lack of parking there(the lot's always full). However, if you MUST have cheese fries, try the one at Preston Center.


          1. re: TexasToast

            I love the cheese fries at Snuffer's, and the burgers are great, too. The parking at the one in Addison isn't quite as bad.

      2. Uptown Bar on McKinney has good burgers, but isn't close to the stadium. Fox Sports Grill off the tollway in far north Plano is good for game watching.

        1. Without a doubt, you get both a fabulous burger and a great sports bar at Bailey's 1st and Ten. It's always a happening, lively scene on Cowboy game day, as well as for big college games. The draft beer is ice-cold, and the bartenders pour with generous hands. The "Point" burger is delicious - 12 ounces, thick and juicy, with mustard, pickle, tomatoes and remarkably sweet onion. In my mind, it is the best fat hamburger in Dallas. Order your cottage fries crispy for a real treat. Also, Bailey has an outstanding Polish sausage sandwich, super chalupas, and superb nachos. On Sundays, Baileys offers an excellent $7.50 all you can eat buffet; the fare could be fried chicken, chicken-fried pork chops (terrific), enchiladas (three kinds), hot dogs and sausages (with all the trimmings), or chicken and dumplings, among other things. Two thumbs up.

          1. Not really a sports bar per say but the State & Allen Lounge in Uptown has really good burgers and I did enjoy the 100 inch high def television during the Mavs playoff run.