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Aug 18, 2006 06:50 PM

Secret Sunset Blvd Restaurant?

Down where Silver Lake begins to merge with Echo Park, in the same mini-mall as Rambutan Thai, on the north side of Sunset Blvd, a narrow storefront can be seen from the street. It's single window revals a brightly lit room with diners lined up in close tables along a wall. No sign. I think the address is like 28XX something.

What gives? Any info on this place?

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  1. Not much of a secret, just lacking a sign. It's Pho Cafe.

    1. Ahhhhh. Thanks, Chowpatty.

      Seems to get mixed reviews on citysearch. Has anyone been?

      1. I've been, it's okay, not great, not bad. Cheap enough. I don't like the pho there as much as the cold vermicelli with stuff - I can never make up my mind as to which stuff, so I always end up with the ones with beef, shrimp and the fried eggroll. The springrolls are serviceable. If you're in the neighborhood and craving that sort of thing and not feeling overly picky about how good it is, you could do worse.

        How's that for a ringing endorsement?

        1. better pho than gingergrass. worse pho than anything in the SGV. slightly better pho than anything in chinatown. so for me at least, it hits the spot when i don't want to drive too far.

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          1. re: rameniac

            Your comparative assessment is exactly right.

            I sort of dig Pho Cafe, actually. Fair prices, several vegetarian options, acceptable crepes. Perhaps the best vietnamese restaurant in the area to take white people to (I loathe Gingergrass, and Blue Hen is a leeetle bit overpriced); it's one of the few places in Silverlake that's been a solid, consistant go-back-to for me.

            Also, it's pretty fast, the efficiency of the operation is a wonder to behold, and the waiters are haaawt.