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Aug 18, 2006 06:47 PM

Typically Toronto Food?

Chicago's got Deep Dish Pizza, Montreal has Poutine, Buffalo has the chicken wing? What would you say it a typically TOrontonian dish?

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  1. Hmmm ... for me it's Portuguese Churrasco Chicken, Portuguese custard tarts, and peameal bacon sandwiches. The last isn't Portuguese but I'll bet you plenty of Portuguese eat them. (No, I'm not Portuguese!)

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    1. re: Scruncheons

      I'm born/raised in Toronto and I never knew what churrasco was before moving in with a Portuguese guy ;)

      1. re: Scruncheons

        love those tarts - but i had to move to montreal to discover them, cause i'm an east end girl.

      2. No such thing. Given that 50% of Toronto was born in another country, I don't think of anything as being particularly "Toronto" - we have a great variety of food.

        1. Most of you will laugh, but I would say "vendor dog" :)

          Alternately, the Jamaican patty is very popular.

          I actually think more in terms of produce and markets being the true wealth of Toronto: Peameal bacon, cheddar cheese, spring lamb, Ontario wines, tomatoes, corn, fruit, Kensington Market and so on.

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          1. re: bogie

            Yes, unfortunately I would seond this. Street meat is certainly Toronto.

            However, in our defense I do think 'typical' is hard to define for TO since we have such a great variety of different cuisines to choose from. I suppose it depends some what on what area you are looking at...typical for Little India would be quite different from a typical street eat you woiuld find in Corso Italia.


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                Different relatives and associates from Vancouver, Hong Kong have also remarked on the 'delicious large' street hot dogs. I do not get it but haven't really paid attention to the street dogs when I travel. Is Toronto really the only place that serves hot dogs the way we do? What's so special about them? The myriad of toppings? Size? Price??

              2. NC, I can believe that! And in a way, I see SB's point too...but those foods are Toronto for me, and have been for the 20 years I've lived here. All of our foods are from somewhere else -- we're a "gathering place" after all. But some of them have such a hold in certain parts of the city that, for me at least, they are a deep part of our culinary identity. They are Toronto food. (I don't like patties, or I probably would have said that too. Street dogs -- I toyed with including that!)

                1. Are veal sandwiches considered somewhat of a Toronto thing?