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Aug 18, 2006 06:24 PM

Where would you break a fast?

Spent the last 2 wks on a mini-fast, limiting intake to juices and fruit to get closer to my boxing weight. Worked wonders and am ready to go out to dinner tonight with the SO. While I'd like to treat myself to a great meal, I don't want to go crazy (not a steakhouse) lest I shock the system. Somewhere within a 5-mile radius of Silver Lake, with extra points for a full bar (not necessary, but always appreciated on a Friday).

I'm uninspired due to lack of sustenance. Any suggestions? Where would you go to break a fast?

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  1. I'd get a break-fast burrito.

    Har har har.

    1. I just had a great dinner at Puran's on Hillhurst. Lots of fresh ingredients. Here's a link to their menu.

      It's a casual, neighborhood spot -- I'm sure they'd be able to adjust any dishes if you wanted to omit/add things. I think the 'fresh' factor would be my main reason for going there. (only beer/wine though -- and not very good wine selections at that).

      1. After two weeks of fasting, your taste buds are probably completely out of whack. I wouldn't go anywhere great or expensive.

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        1. re: Bostonbob3

          Interesting but incorrect assumption. From prior experience I know that my tasting ability is actually heightened. I agree I don't want to at this time go anywhere expensive, but I'm always looking for something great.

          1. re: Silver Lake Guy

            Interesting. I once fasted (nothing but water) for 17 days, and when I broke the fast, I had fried chicken. Tasted like fish.

            Of course, it could have been fishy-tasting fried chicken. :)

        2. I'd do breakfast for dinner....Brent's or Panns might be two good places.

          1. How about The Hungry Cat in Hollywood? Swell cocktails to awaken the palate, then some inventive forays into fish as a lighter way to re-introduce chow back into the mix...