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Aug 18, 2006 06:18 PM

nyc hound reporting on urasawa

thanks to all the LA hounds who told us to splurge on this dinner, was a unique and wonderful experience. there were only five people there the night we had dinner, the other three were david myers (the chef from sona, never heard of him but have since googled and am suitably impressed), one of his sous-chefs, and a woman who supplies fish to many LA restaurants. the three of them were very friendly, really knew their stuff, and we basically just ate everything david told us to eat! i could not possibly compete with the two long links that covered dozens of dishes, but the two things that really stood out for me in addition to the sushi were a hot-pot type of soup with foie gras and a dish that was some sort of custard with salmon roe eggs on top, when mixed it was both a great taste and tactile sensation. loved the intimacy of watching hiro at work, great to see someone with such a passion for his craft. am now spoiled for life and may never eat another california roll again!

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  1. Sounds like you had a couple of the same dishes as were on the list the night I went. The "hot pot" is the shabu shabu where you cook the foie gras, kobe beef, and, in our case, king eel, then drink the remaining broth. The custard is made of egg, and was most likely made as ours was: with uni (sea urchin) and shrimp, covered in ikura (salmon roe) and gold leaf--definitely one of my favorites.

    I had so much fun with the people I met there that night, but am just a tiny bit jealous you dined with some real industry pros.

    Glad you enjoyed it!