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Aug 18, 2006 06:17 PM

Taro Sushi - weekend special?

I've read a few posts on here about Taro flying in exotic fish for weekends, and I feel that I should finally participate. I'm always there mid-week - is there another hand-written specials menu, or is it omakase only? Any recommendations?

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  1. We went to Taro for the very first time a couple Fridays ago, so maybe Im not the best reporter, but I can tell you they had some items flown in from Tsuji on their handwritten specials menu. We had a couple of these but they didnt jump out at us with impressive specialness. It may be there are other items available omakase.

    Liked the place, but it didnt knock my socks off - need to try more to say more.

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      I had the omakase a few weeks ago on a Friday night and thought it was great. I wouldn't say that there was anything too exotic, with the exception of a Japanese sea eel and a couple of other pieces which I don't recall. However, each piece of sushi was fantastic, and the two "prepared" dishes - monk fish liver and flash fried prawn head - were unique to me at least.

    2. There's the mizutako, awashi, fried eel bones, fried butterfish head (which you should call in advance for), shako when in season, Maine uni when in's all good.

      1. The weekend is definitely the time to go. I had sushi there on a Monday once and it's the only time I've ever actually gagged on a piece of sushi. I was sitting at the bar and didn't want to be rude so I just swallowed it as quickly as I could.

        However, when I had the omakase on a Friday night, it was absolutely wonderful.

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          On the contrary, shouldn't you say something if the fish isn't fresh? Even if you're at the bar...

        2. Had the omakase last night and it was fabulous as always. Relatively standard selection, except for the japanese sardine.

          Question - which sushi chef is Sano? We were served by the older man, but the younger guy was also dishing up omakase and his customers recieved completely different items.

          1. Sano was in the kitchen. At least he was when i arrived there between 8:45 and 9 last night.