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Aug 18, 2006 06:08 PM

Do people actually like Marathon?

I cannot stand that place for anything other than the occasional brunch. They are so awful when they attempt food that isn't meant to be ultra-basic and bland! Every time I make the mistake of going there for dinner (only because it's the only thing within a one block radius besides Applebees and Pasion), I'm rewarded with either undercooked, cold, congealed food or way overcooked food. And either way it's tasteless.

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  1. I agree on dinner. I took a date there once and regretted it immediately. It's not bad for lunch, though.

    Oh, and I married the date so I guess it worked out OK in the end.

    Bill E. - Pennsylvania Wine mailing list

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      I will never eat at Marathon again after 2 experiences of WRETCHED food. I actually sent a dried out nasty sandwhich back to the kitchen and they nicely replaced it with another of the same quality. Marathon Grill is dead to me!. The deal here is that the place is very convenient and most folks settle for what ever they are served. I've worked in restaurants,it's not that much harder to make good ( not even great ) food than it is to make mediocre or bad food. They have gotten too big and the kitchen is out of control. If you actually CARE about the food you are serving it shows. I always wonder if the cooks at Marathon ever actually taste the food they are dishing out.

    2. I like it for lunches, brunch and light dinners. There is a real dearth of sandwich and salad places in this town, which Marathon fills. They also do good fries. Unfortunately I read that they are upscaling their menu, so they may change soon.

      By the way, in that one block radius is also a sushi place (Shiroi Hana I think), and Good Dog for great burgers, fries and grilled cheese.

      Thank you.

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      1. re: Bride of the Juggler

        I've always found the fries at Marathon to be soggy and the food mediocre.

      2. Chicken pot pie is really good, actually. Brunch is good too, unusually good bloody marys.

        Agree with the bride though, in general, don't venture beyond sandwiches and salads.

        1. I've only been once, for takeout sandwiches and soup. They were pretty good, but the wait was so long (nearly 45 min. and the place was not very busy), that I haven't had the desire to try it again--especially when there's Good Dog to go to when I'm in the area.

          1. It was actually the chicken pot pie that made me write this! I think I had it once at Marathon on the Squre and it was acceptable, but I had it at the Marathon on 16th (from their "new" menu), and the crust was served as a dough with a flaky top, and the inside was still cold and not creamy as the result of not cooking thoroughly.

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            1. re: mrsry

              oh really? I've had it twice at the one on 19th and Spruce and that wasn't my experience. It was cooked through and the crust was really good when i got it. Sorry about your experience. Bummer.