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Aug 18, 2006 06:06 PM

Best Cupcake in NH/MA?

So, where can I get the best cupcake in Southern NH or Northern MA? I want to do an all-cupcake "wedding cake." I don't mind if they won't arrange it for me--I can buy a tierd serving platter for it, worst comes to worst. I'm more concerned with the actual cupcake being absolutely luscious. I'm not down for the $450 beautiful wedding cake that tastes like sawdust. All suggestions welcome.

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  1. They call them muffins but I think they are more like cupcakes. The ones at Gingerbread construction company are amazing!

    1. Last year our bride-on-a-budget went with cup cakes from Shaw's supermarket. She pre-ordered them with a little flower on top but still got them on some sort of Saturday sale. We like Shaw's bakery cakes and the taste/texture of their frosting. But if you wanted carrot cake ... I'd get the carrot muffins at Bread and Chocolate in Concord NH.

      1. This might be too far (not really Northern Mass) but the best cupcakes, in my opinion, are at the West Concord Tea Cakes Bakery.

        1. Here are two to check into:

 Main St, Nashua

 Rte 101A, Amherst

          Neither site is actually mentioning cupcakes, but worth a look into.

          1. The original comment has been removed