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Aug 18, 2006 05:28 PM

Is villa francesca any good?

How is this place? A quick search on Chowhound and elsewhere suggests it is mediocre food and overpriced. Do current hounds concur?

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  1. Hi,

    Do you like Ragu, canned olives, mushy pasta and enough salt to send your blood pressure through the roof? Then you will love Francescas. It might have been good when Mr. Bob Hope himself ate there (pictures all over the place of all his visits, supposedly the only place he'd eat when he visited Boston), but I would never recommend it to anyone now.

      1. Thanks. It was as I feared.

        1. I think you are getting mixed up with the old felicias restaurant
          on richmond st. as well(across the street from vill francesca)
          Bob Hope always went there and he was friends with felica.
          felicia used to go to bob hope's home every year to cook for the bob hope golf classic tournament. The old FElicias was very good--villa francesca's not good!!

          frankie Imbergamo

          1. There was no tactful way to get out of this so our party of eight went to Villa Francesca and boy was it a rip off. The food isn't dreadful, just not worth $90 a head. I had a veal chop that was OK served with a porcini risotto made from what seemed to be minute rice. That they would charge what they did and not use arborio rice is positively shameful. Flavors were insipid and dishonest, catering to tourists who don't know any better. For example, an arugula salad was served with sweet cloying vinagrette that tasted like bottled, that had to be scraped off to get any sense of the peppery bite of the underlying arugula. They served tomatoes that were tasteless, which would seem near impossible to do during August when you can't swing a cat without knocking off perfect ripe tomatoes from the garden. It seems that good Italian food is about serving the best fresh ingredients simply and with love. This is not the mission statement at the Villa. It brought a tear to my eye passing a dozen excellent restaurants to come to this theme park of a trattoria to eat. Rant over.