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Oct 5, 2004 06:48 PM

Oakland chowlunch #13: House of Chicken'n'Waffles, Tuesday Oct 19th

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Sorry for the slowdown of the Oakland chowlunches; both Susan and I have been out of town a lot (and busy when in town). I'm not sure I will make the next one, but will try. Susan will be leading the next lunchtime outing.

We may have non-lunchtime offerings, possibly to Fruitvale? If you have interest in hosting one anywhere in Oakland, let me know, and I can set up an evite.


Join us for the baker's dozenth Oakland chowlunch at Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles on Tuesday, October 19th, at high noon.

We will share a number of sides, and (of course) chicken and waffles galore.

444 Embarcadero
Sun-Thu 8a-midnite, Fri-Sat 8a-4a

East Bay Express review:

SF Bay Guardian review:


An anonymous evite link is attached, if you prefer that to the email announcements. Note that registering *does* require giving an email address of some sort to evite, but you can always create a one-off free account somewhere if you are worried.

Email me to be added/removed from the evite mailing list.


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    Richard Neidhardt

    Is this an open, general invitation or for insiders only?

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    1. re: Richard Neidhardt
      Marc Wallace

      Completely open!

      Most who attend are at least regular chowhound readers, or friends/coworkers of one, but there is no "you must post five times before you can come" sort of limit.

      You might see the same names at many of the events, but that's mostly because there is a core of folks who are either available, or work in or near downtown Oakland.