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Aug 18, 2006 05:28 PM

Romantic Indian?

I'm looking for suggestions for an anniversary dinner. We haven't gone out for Indian in a while and thought that would be a nice treat. (Fall back plan is something like Lucky Strike, which we've never been to).

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  1. have you tried devi? or upstairs at bombay talkie?

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    1. Devi would also be my pick. We were there again recently and had an absolutely superb tasting dinner. I agree that the soaring space on two levels has wonderful ambiance. For a cozier and more romantic feel, ask to be seated in one of the two small, curtained alcoves at the back of the main level.

      1. I think Banjara is quite nice as well

        1. Is Ada on 58th still there? They had a nice room.

          1. I also loved Devi! It's gorgeous! And the food is delicious.