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Aug 18, 2006 05:10 PM

Fabiolus Cafe?

Going to the Pantages next week, and I'm thinking about trying the Fabiolus Cafe. Anyone been there. What's good to order?

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  1. I really like their pasta dishes and their salads.

    1. Yes, standard but fresh pasta at very reasonable prices. They usually have good specials. I've never been wow'd by their food, but never disappointed either. It's definitely convenient for pre- or post-Pantages or Arclight.

      1. I went there for a friend's graduation, and completely agree with Silver Lake Guy's assessment. Very standard, nothing special, falls, in my book, into that category of restaurants where you bring a group of people who can potentially be picky about their food. It's hard to go horribly wrong with regular ol' Italian dishes at fair prices.

        1. Went to Fabiolus Cafe before a show at Pantages also when Hollywood & Vine was all booked up.

          I think I had Linguine alla Vongole that was fresh and pretty tasty. Food is nothing special but solid. The back patio is nice to be seated at.