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Anything worth eating in Hanover...

Ali G Aug 18, 2006 04:42 PM

or reasonably close by? I need to pick something up in Hanover this weekend and I'd like to grab some lunch while I'm there. Last time I only saw chains and grabbed a sandwitch at Au Bon Pain. Anything tastey will do (no pizza).

  1. MB fka MB Aug 18, 2006 05:36 PM

    I REALLY like Siam Cuisine in Hanover. I'm not sure that I've had better Thai food in the area, though I'm certainly no expert (Dok Bua is overrated IMHO).

    At Siam Cuisine the mango curry is fabulous, string bean and pork, duck curries, beef w/ macademia nuts and tons of freshly matchsticked ginger. The people that work in the front of the house are really generous with their time in explaining dishes and making recommendations for trying something new. They do some odd specials which I rather like - like Thai linguine dishes. On my last visit I tried the payaya salad and didn't love their version, and this is normally one of my favorite Thai dishes.

    Siam Cuisine
    370 Columbia Rd
    Hanover, MA 02339
    (781) 826-1115

    1. l
      Louis Aug 18, 2006 05:27 PM

      The Au bon Pain is not in Hanover, it's in Pembroke, exit 12 off of Rout 3 south. If that's where you were, then you are in luck. Just past Au Bon Pain, you will see the entrance to Lowes, Take that right and first left. You will se a small strip mall across from the stop sign. You have found Bendlebeans BB-Q and Burrito parlor. The best pork ribs south of Blue Ribbon, and Redbones will be found right here! All of their Que, is extraordinary. As is their Wings, Tex mex, and sandwich selections. If you are in this area, don't miss this.

      If you are really in Hanover, exit 13, off route 3 south. Then you might want to visit Squires, on the right just past the Hanover Mall. Or, further south on route 53 about 2 miles or so, to the Siam Thai Restaurant. Thai food as good as anything in Boston. All these restaurants are open for lunch.

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