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Aug 18, 2006 04:34 PM

Lunch recommendations along 101 to N. Scottsdale?

Once in a while, Hubby and I are able to meet for lunch during work. Problem: He works by the Scottsdale Airpark, I work in Old Town Scottsdale. Does anyone have any recommendations for lunch along the Loop 101, say around Indian Bend or Shea? I know that there are tons of restaurants around this area, but just don't know it well enough...
Something relatively inexpensive and healthy if possible.

Please no: Pei Wei, Wildflower, etc. Something like it is great, but we are looking for something new. Thanks in advance!

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  1. For a great inexpensive asain meal try the Blue Coyote cafe inside Casino Arizona on Indian Bend...their wonton soup and Wings of Heaven in soy and red chile are out of this world!
    Or Sakana Sushi on Indian Bend and Hayden.
    Another all time favorite is Swadee on Via Linda off the 101 and 90th Street. The Tom Ka Gai and the Mee Krob are fabulous!

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      I've never tried the Scottsdale location, but I can attest that Swaddee Thai makes an awesome Tom Ka anything, excellent spicy shrimp salads and laarbs -- never had a bad dish at the Chandler location. I've had good luck also with friends who have said "When I was in Thailand I had this great dish, it had this and this and this . . . do you know what that is or how to make it?" and they bring out the most scrumptious thing.

      When they say hot they mean it, too. I don't go above medium-hot anymore. But anytime it gets suggested I jump at the chance to go. Such bright flavors -- lemongrass galangal and basil and cilantro.

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        A funny thing about Swaddee Thai, in Chandler they ask me how hot I want my food on a scale of stars, where 5 stars is the max. In Scottsdale, 3 stars is the max. I figured that if I could handle 3 stars in Scottsdale, I could handle 5 stars in Chandler. I was so wrong.

    2. Sakana always has good lunch deals - sushi or cooked item w/salad and miso.


      1. There was a review early this week about Pita Jungle. It's located just west of the 101 on Shea. It can get really busy at lunch, particularly on Fridays. If you can, go to lunch early, by 11:30, or after 1. Enjoy!

        1. The Pita Jungle review speaks specifically of the Tempe location. Other comments in the thread indicate service at Scottsdale location - not so good.

          For a "nicer" luch option - you may want to consider Bloom at Gainey Ranch and Scottsdale. Off the 101 take Via de Ventura and head west. Via de Ventura turns into Gainey Ranch and Bloom is on the Southwest corner. I just really love their Chinese Chicken Salad - so lunch there is always an option - not that I can really say I have had a bad meal there in any case. Also in that same plaza is ThaiFoon - my one experience there was OK, nothing to right home about.


          1. I had a late lunch at The Cove Trattoria, yesterday. The place was really empty for 1:00 pm on a Friday.

            I had the calamari salad $7.99, which was very good. It was kind of light on the squid, which was strictly rings, coated and fried, chewy, but, not rubbery. The greens and other ingredients were very fresh.

            My usual at this place is the Perfect Pizza, their 7" individual wood fired margherita pizza served with side salad $7.50. I usually upgrade to a specialty salad, which is a buck or two extra. I like the walnut and pear.

            My experience is that everything is made to order with very fresh ingredients. The place has a family-run vibe to it, service has never been much of a problem.


            You might also try Goldman's Best Cooking, 6929 N Hayden Rd Scottsdale, AZ - SE corner of Indian Bend and Hayden. I haven't been there in a while, but, again, it is a family-run place where you can get an affordable meal and decent service. They were on the verge of expanding the last time I was there.

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              Goldman's Best has wonderful matzo ball soup.