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Aug 18, 2006 04:21 PM

Warsawa - little gem

Had dinner with a long time ChowPal who likes a good ethnic excusion as much as we do - so jumped at the chance to go to Warsawa in Santa Monica, billed as a Polish restaurant. I am still in mourning at the passing of the Black Forest Inn so this was an outings to assuage my longings for Mittel Europe cuisine. It did not disappoint. The restaurant, as previous Hounds have noted is just charming - a house with many rooms well furnished and lit and attentive service. We shared appetizers of plums wrapped in bacon with candied walnuts (utter yum), Polish tripe soup (not particularly flavorful) and steak tartare - pretty tasty. Then we moved on to Roast Duck, very good although a little overdone for me, with spatzle. We shared cucumber salad in cream and cauliflour salad in a garlic sauce salad (that was a knockout). I had lamb dumplings with vegetables - actually were like gnocchi but extremely tasty and filling. MmeZ had nuggets of veal in a mushroom sauce which were excellent - all followed by a shared crepe filled with lemon cream and topped with raspberry puree - really a fine wind up to a good meal. We just had water to drink.
Really warm service with the owner hovering in the background. Bill for three: $110 plus tip. We'll be back - there's lots we did not try.
Warsawa Restaurant
dinner only
corner of Lincoln and SM Blvd,
Santa Monica

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  1. We're still mourning the loss of Knoll's Black Forest Inn also, not to mention SCANDIA?

    1. Now I'm going to be in a complete decline for the rest of the weekend remembering Scandia; the last dinner I had there was in a private room, wonderful food, the Hansons dancing around the famous host and me smoking a whole Cuban cigar. It WAS a long time ago.

      1. I agree that Warszawa has a great menu & is a hidden gem. I hosted a dinner group for about 12-14 people a couple of months ago & everyone left satisfied. My favorites were the pierogies (I ordered the combinarion plate) & the dried plum appetizer. I wish we lived closer so we could go more often!