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Aug 18, 2006 04:19 PM

The Hat - Question about their Pastrami

Does The Hat slice their Pastrami fresh when the sandwich is ordered? Also do they fry it on a griddle or have the Pastrami in a steamer?

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  1. Pretty sure it's pre-sliced, this place puts out mass quantities of the stuff. On the griddle versus steamer question, I'm guessing here but I think it's griddle. A pastrami sandwich from The Hat doesn't pretend to compete with real Jewish Deli sandwich like Langer's which is a good thing 'cuz it couldn't do that anyway. It's a different animal entirely.

    1. I might disagree about the frying. It's probably steamed, but differently than from a deli. And yes it's a totally different animal (some might even say FROM a totally different animal).

      1. Not sliced to order.

        Steamed, then quickly heated on the griddle prior to insertion in sandwich bun.

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          The Pastrami is not steamed, they keep it simmering in it's juices. I have never seen them heat it on the griddle before stuffing it in the roll. Unless someone ordered it special that way.
          They simply slice the roll, slap mustard, pickles and then add that huge pile of Pastrami.
          Ever since they changed the rolls the pastrami sandwich is ONE huge sloppy mess. It's been that way ever since they expanded back in the 80's. In the 70's the roll used to be hard on the outside and soft in the inside. Back then the sandwich always held up to the juices coming from the meat.
          It's just not the same anymore.

        2. Whatever they do, the Pastrami is always chewy on a soggy roll. IMHO, they're a notch way below Johnnies. I like their fries though.

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            Yup, this is pastrami for folks who just want some pastrami and they don't care how, which sometimes might be me. Gluttonous quantities, too.

          2. For non-gourmet, very inexpensive pastrami, I like Togo's.

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                yah - i expected very little from their pastrami and found myself very surprised by how good i thought it was. I had always dissed the place b/c i saw they didn't have corned beef (which i always prefer) and i couldn't believe that sandwich place could even exist that didn't have corned beef. eventually, a co-worker was picking up lunch there and i gave in to try it. pretty good stuff, strangely.