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Aug 18, 2006 04:16 PM

Dinner near Knitting Factory

Seeing a band tonight at the Knitting Factory and am looking for any suggestions for dining places in the area. I've only been there once before and to tell the truth, don't remember exactly where it is but will have that all settled by showtime.

Does anyone have any suggestions for where to catch dinner beforehand?

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  1. There is a great seafood restaurant on Reade Street called Fresh. I'm not sure what type of food you're looking for, what price range, etc...Fresh is a bit pricey and doesn't really flow IMO with a show at the Knitting Factory, but an excellent restaurant nonetheless.
    There's also The Odeon. Great cocktails, people watching and a decent brasserie menu.

    1. I recommend Bread Tribeca. I can't remember exactly where the Knitting Factory is, but I believe Bread Tribeca is pretty close.

      1. The Odeon would be hard to beat for a pre-gig dinner. One of the best burgers in town. Great selection of beer. Timeless ambience.

        Across the road there is Petite Abeille.

        Either of those should fit the bill nicely.

        - Sean

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        1. re: Sean Dell

          I think that Upstairs at Bouley and Landmarc both have better burgers than The Odeon.

          I agree that The Odeon burger is good.

          I think all the options mentioned in this thread are good. I think Fresh presents the worst value for its likely cost.

          1. re: bickel

            Funny, but I remember Bouley saying that the Odeon was his favorite place for a burger. As much as I love Bouley, I've never been to the cafe upstairs, so that goes straight on my list for the burger!

            - Sean

        2. For a casual and very capable burger, Walker's on the corner of N. Moore and Varick is a very pleasant spot.

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          1. re: Deb Van D

            Walker's has an excellent chopped Cobb salad too!

            1. re: JennS

              And on Sunday nights excellent jazz from guitarist Peter Leitch & guests.