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Aug 18, 2006 04:13 PM

Just spotted - new Z Pizza in Merrifield

Going in the mini strip mall at Gallows and Rt. 29, next to the Pilin Thai, Carvel, and the long awaited Dad's Backyard Burgers.

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  1. I've never been to any of the other franchises in the area. But I am running out of places to eat lunch in Merrifield...

    1. Ahhhhgggg! DON'T DO THAT!!!! I braved that little corner of construction disaster when I saw your message only to find that they were coming, not there yet. I guess I should have read what you wrote more carefully.

      It's not there until it's there. And there's still no there there.

      1. It will be interesting to see what happens to that strip mall as that area around the intersection gentrifies. Dad's is going in there? I thought they were going in over next to the Pizza Hut across the intersection diagonally.

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          I think you have your malls mixed up. Dad's Backyard Hamburgers is in the block that's on Gallows Road on the north side of Lee Highway, behind the Pizza Hut. Z-Pizza, Caribou Coffee, and some other stuff is also going in there, but there's only one food place open right now. It might be Carvel. I don't remember.

          Diagonally across Lee Highway is the shoping center with an Office Depot. There is/was a Carvel there. Maybe it's moving across the highway.

          Then on the opposite of Gallows Road is the center with the Great Wall (grocery store), 5 Guys, a couple of Asian restaurants, and a couple of chain fast food places.

          Plenty of eating options in that area, but nothing really outstanding so far (though I happen to like that 5 Guys). And of course the construction makes driving difficult.

          I'm not sure what's being gentrified around there. Just more stuff.

        2. Z-Pizza finally opened on Gallows road at that site.

          Open about 3 weeks now. Pretty good, organic pizza. FRIENDLY.

          Carvel Cinnabons is also there.

          None of the other places open yet (hamburger joint and thai food still "coming soon")

          1. Mike R, I see where it is now, over by the 7-11. I wouldn't want to try a left turn against traffic right there, so I think I'd approach it from the direction of Tyson's only. I called them for a delivery last week around 9pm only to be informed that they were closing at 9, but the person who answered told me that they were going to stay open until 10pm starting this week. I'll try to get back to them soon.