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Aug 18, 2006 04:12 PM

Pastry Shops in Boston?

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for some great pastry shops
I have been to Athan's and Flour, but was wondering
what are your favorite bakeries (could be in Brookline and
Cambridge) Thanks!

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  1. modern pastry in the north end

    1. Clear Flour in Brookline does only a few pastries, they're mostly a bread bakery, but the ones they do are excellent - mainly fruit tarts (not flat open-face glazed tarts, more like dishless pies, a square of dough folded loosely around a filling), brownies, and occasionally caneles.

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      1. re: BobB

        oh yes, I have heard great things about this bakery.

        1. re: BobB

          My favorite pastry at Clear Flour is the bostok: an inch-thick slice of brioche, toasted and topped with almond frangipane.

        2. I second Clear Flour. Great place, limited pastries but
          fantastic. Other thoughts..for fun cakes Party Favors in
          Coolidge Corner..there is always Rosies (a number of them,
          Inman, Porter, Chestnut Hill, etc), I love their dense,
          rich cakes and other goodies..and, for lighter cakes with a
          Japanese take, Japonaise which is on Beacon in the St. Mary's

          I like them all for their different styles of baked sweet

          1. Lakota Bakery in Arlington Heights has excellent cookies. Their macaroons, shortbread and florentines are exceptional. You can taste the butter...

            1. I like Fiore's in Jamaica Plain for all the old standards, made with heaps of sugar.