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Aug 18, 2006 03:44 PM

Peach Ice Cream in TO ?

Does anyone know where one might either purchase or enjoy a bowl of peach ice cream (not sorbet or gelato) in Toronto ? It was a favorite of my New England childhood summers, but I don't ever see it in freezer chests or on menus here.

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  1. If you can find some, let me know too. My wife is southern and not having a peach ice cream fix is killing her.


    1. I'd probably try Dutch Dreams (Vaughn & St. Clair) I'm not certain they have it, but they'd be my first thought. They're reasonably helpful on the phone assuming you don't phone them on a hot evening (when they're super busy) so you could call them and ask.

      1. Call Ed's, in the Beaches or Greg's, in the Annex to see if they ever have it. I've never seen it at Greg's but Ed's is a real possibility -- he is much more adventurous than Greg, in my experience. For example, he has done a killer strawberry rhubarb pie ice cream and, for St Patrick's Day, Guiness. Ed is a real approachable guy -- if he hasn't made it, he might be intersted in trying it.

        A more commercial possinbility is St. Clair Ice Cream at Main and Danforth -- I've never tried it but I hear they do have some interesting flavours

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          Whatwhatwhat?! GUINESS ice cream?! Now that's adventurous!
          Have you tried it? How is it? Is it available ONLY in March?

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            I've never had Ed's (or heard of him to be honest) but I have had Greg's Guiness ice cream and it is marvelous--the butterfat of the cream is a good complement to the maltiness of the stout. <drool>

        2. It's not ice cream as you were searching for, but if your search turns up nada, Chapmans make a peach frozen yogurt. I know....not nearly as good as the ice cream from the above mentioned shops, but might work in a pinch.

          1. This is not Peach Ice Cream, but if you are in Winona (Just the other side of Hamilton) next weekend they have a Peach Festival. One vender sells Peach Sundaes. Vanilla Ice Cream with peach slices. Trust me it is worth the drive. We attend every year just for the fresh peaches and for the Sundeas.

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              I've been away too long!

              Olivia, when I lived in the West End I was a huge Greg's fan. Then I moved east and found Ed. I still like Greg's ice cream a lot but I wonder if it hasn't suffered slightly as production has increased. Ed's is still small-batchy -- please come out and try some.

              But you've hit the nail on the head with the butterfat counterpoint to malty stout. junior, i've only seen it in Feb/March. Ed also does a killer marsala ice cream.