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Aug 18, 2006 03:36 PM

markets in murray hill/kips bay area?

i tend to resort to todaro brothers (2nd ave b/t 30th & 31st) most nights i'm cooking at home, but was wondering if there were any other decent general gourmet markets in the area that people frequent?


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  1. Still hurting from the loss of Garden of Eden at 23rd and 3rd Ave. Heard they may return (on this board). But in the meanwhile, I go to Whole Foods or Trader Joes on 14th or elsewhere out of the neighborhood (Chelsea Market). I would be interested in other responses--have I been missing something?? Is there a local supermarket that has a great deli/prepared foods counter?

    1. check out the Food Market at Grand Central Terminal - it's my must visit spot at least once a week - a high-end food market that features Murray’s Cheese, Li-Lac Chocolates, Oren’s Coffee, meat purveyor Ceriello Fine Foods, and fishmongers Pescatore Seafood Company and Wild Edibles among others.

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        thanks for reminding me--yes, good option once you get past the "tourist attraction" layer.

      2. I lived in the Murray Hill area for 12 years, and I used
        to go to Todaro's frequently, but their prepared foods
        really seemed to go downhill, and I felt some of them sat
        around for too long. I'd second the other two posts, just
        go stock up in another neighborhood and bring it on back.

        1. A brand new place is opening August 21st on 34th and Lexington that I believe is called The Murray Hill Market. I don't have any info on it, just passed it on my walk home today. Could be promising?

          1. Yes, Grand Central Market is wonderful but a bit out of the neighborhood. So other than Todaro's which is not convenient to many and is just okay, there is, indeed, a a dearth of good gourmet/food markets in Murray Hill. Why not a Whole Foods/Trader Toms/Garden of Eden and/or Dean & DeLuca in the neighborhood??? I think with all the new condos/rentals there is likely a real demand.

            The new place on 34th and Lex looks decent (noy yet open) but seems likely to be a nice salad bar sort of place, NOT a gourmet market.