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Aug 18, 2006 03:32 PM

The Orchard, Mas (Farmhouse), August, Salt, Applewood - which one?

This is for our 4th Anniversary. We are looking for a nice, comfortable place with excellent fare more than a showy kinda place.

I've narrowed it down to these, though would give honorable mention to The Harrison and of course am interested in hearing your alternatives.

Reservations are needed (thus my exclusion of Al di La).

Also, these are all on my To Go To list, so I'll get around to them eventually...if you have a suggested order in which I should go, let me know. Thanks!

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  1. Girlfriend and me went to The Orchard last week and really liked it - especially if you can get in before their liquor license comes through (after Labor Day). We tried the short rib flatbreads which were very tasty. . .but all the flatbreads are supposed to be good (especially the steak tartare, mushroom and duck confit). Shared the drunken goat cheese salad and the crispy rock shrimp salad, both fresh and mighty good. AND shared the rib-eye for our main, well executed. The BYOB was a draw for us and honestly don't know how high The Orchard would rank if that weren't the case. That said it might be worth your time (and $$$) to get there to test this theory out.

    Of the others on your list I’ve been to Applewood and The Harrison. I like what Applewood is doing and think it’s a great neighborhood spot. As for The Harrison I think it’s hit or miss, though I have had some good meals there.

    My list (excluding restos I haven’t been to):

    The Orchard
    The Harrison

    1. If you are considering going to Brooklyn then you must consider Saul in Boerum Hill (Michelin 1 star) -

      Salt's a build your own dinner, communal seating place that left me cold.

      Both Applewood and August are great.

      1. though applewood is in brooklyn, i would say that would be my choice. i feel that the place is best in the fall considering david shea's expertise in meatier entrees (as well as the fireplace), i think applewood is hands down one of the best places in the city. get the cheese plate!

        not a huge fan of mas' food but i like the space a lot.

        1. August is so warm and inviting but can be crowded and a bit loud. Applewood is the same but quieter. I've only eaten at the bar at Mas but it was tremedous.

          The onion tart at August is sublime. I have heard that the garden is pretty great at August as well (I've only been in winter months). Good luck!

          1. I was at Salt a couple of weeks ago and it was reallyyyyy loud in there---probably not too romantic to be yelling at your spouse at a communal table. The food was quite good there; i had salmon that was perfectly cooked medium rare but perhaps go there for a more everyday meal.