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Aug 18, 2006 03:22 PM

any fun, cheap restaurants in midtown?

I am looking for a fun yet inexpensive restaurant to take an early 20 something from out of town in the midtown area...any suggestions?

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  1. Rio Grande is a great place (38 and 3)...excellent margaritas and I am a big fan of their quesadillas. It's more fun if you are with a group but I would still go there.

    If you are looking for more of a true restaurant, I really like Akdeniz (turkish) on 46th.

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    1. re: mynameisigor7

      The food at Akdeniz is great, but I wouldn't describe the atmosphere as a barrel of laughs.

    2. I recently returned to the 'behind the curtain' in the lobby of the Parker Meridien on 57th St. I had a bunch of Spanish guests, and my two fussy god-children (11 & 13), all of whom wanted a burger.

      It was great. We went early enough that the line wasn't that long. The place is lively and fun, and the burgers were perfect.

      For a young out-of-towner, this is a great Manhattan experience, and the fact that it is a 'secret' hideway adds to the adventure.

      THe price for eleven of us (including several beers) was a generous $140! Hard to beat anywhere.

      - Sean

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        For those unfamiliar with what Sean is talking about, it's the burger joint at Le Parker Meridien Hotel. The menu comprises burgers (many of us think one of the best in NYC) with or without cheese, fries, jumbo pickles, brownies, beer, soda, water and shakes (except during the lunch hour, when they're too busy to make them). That's it. So if you want something else, don't go there.

        Pete's Waterfront Ale House, on 2nd Avenue at 30th Street, a great bar with very good food, is a fun place to hang out.

      2. Q2 Thai on 9th and 52nd. The decor is fab and fun, the food is good, and you won't break the bank.