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Aug 18, 2006 03:15 PM

24 hrs in El Paso

Hi Hounds -

I have 24 hrs in El Paso - looking for recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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  1. Elmer's on Montana has good breakfasts. Cappetto's for Italian, State Line for barbeque. House of Pizza on Piedras for subs and pizza. Kiki's also on Piedras for Mexican. Great American Land and Cattle for steaks (also their steakburger restaurants have some good burgers etc.)Hope that helps!

    1. You MUST go to Lucy's on Mesa (attached to a bar called King's X) squint your eyes (not the cleanest place, but OMG the food) Get the machaca or the Tony's Tacos (done the old way). I also love their chile rellenos, but they pale in comparision to the car wash. You must ask for the third orange sauce (they give you a green and a pico) reserved for regulars.

      G&R's - just stop in for the amazing queso (chopped green chiles with white cheddar melted on top) and the ritas (rest of the food there is just average).

      uhm, maybe someone can help me with the name of that car wash that serves the AMAZING chile rellenos.

      I agree with Munchie1 about ALC if you have time to drive out of town. Nice dinner experience. It's in the middle of nowhere in the desert off I35. It's an hour drive from El Paso, so you need to decide if that's something you want to invest in (but it is worth the drive). I would, however, skip the others, imho.

      1. I think amysuehere means Cattlemen's Steakhouse out off I-10 near Fabens. I didn't suggest it because it is so far out of town. But if you do have time, it is quite good. Great American is also good. The one located on Alabama is the best location. The other locations are good for the burgers.

        I believe the car wash she mentions is the H&H Car Wash. It's good. As for Lucy's, I quit eating there after Lucy no longer was cooking there. It just wasn't the same.

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