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Aug 18, 2006 03:07 PM

Does Pho have any Soy products in it?

Hi everyone
my friend is allergic to
does anyone know if pho has any soy in it? she just wants to make sure so its safe to eat.

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  1. Well, soy beans aren't nuts, they're legumes. But pho doesn't usually have tofu in it, although there may be soy sauce in the broth -- it would depend on where you are eating it, and it would be safest to ask at the restaurant whether they use any soy products in their pho.

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      I just met a mom today whose son was diagnosed with an allergy to peanuts at age 15 months and last week,(at age 6)he was diagnosed with increasing allergens to soy. He had a reaction last month and the only 'odd' ingredient had been soy.

    2. I think you might be in Toronto? Unless you just missposted this initially. If you are in TO, I suggest calling Mimi's on Gerrard. The owner speaks perfect English and would probably be happy to tell you what's in their Pho if you explain the allergy. And people do recommend their version too :)

      1. Traditional pho does not have any soy or soy sauce in the broth, but I have tasted it in the broth at Chinese-owned pho places. If in doubt, ask.