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Aug 18, 2006 02:46 PM

Burrito Trail along Beverly Blvd. Eastside

I am searching for a posting here about 1 year ago or more, on burritos along Beverly Blvd. stretching from a point in E.L.A. through Montebello. Did anyone save it??

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  1. Not sure I have seen that list, but make sure to stop at my favorite place for burritos, Taco Village. One of the few places I like the carne asada. Theirs is nicely lean with a good char flavor and have great fresh salsa bar. The cook will present your burrito open face, then you load it up with salsas of your choice, hand it back and he will wrap it up for you to enjoy.

    1. Can I use your phrase Burrito Trail up here in Southern Oregon?
      That describes our string of taco trucks perfectly.