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Aug 18, 2006 02:34 PM


Years ago there was a fanatstic place at Baldwin and McCaul called Sri Malaysia. Incredible chili chicken, sublime chili sauce for the spring rolls, and amazing savory fried bananas. I went there so often the owner would hug me if she hadn't seen me in a while.

Anyone know if this family has another place? Failing that, anyone know of good Malaysian chow that's TTC-accessible?

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  1. Lots of good reports about Restoran Malaysia. However, it's in Richmond Hill so you'll have to transfer at Steeles I suppose.

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    1. re: LikeTheWolf

      I would rate this restaurant 9 out of 10
      Food is great, tasty and plentiful and so is the service
      No alchahol served

      1. re: LikeTheWolf

        Going there for dinner tonight...what are the best of the best items to order? Thanks. I know there are mixed reviews and it may be going downhill, but even if it's just the roti chennai that is still good, let me know please.

      2. Mata Hari on Baldwin is fantastic. It is pretty authentic and always delicious. I highly recommend it.

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          1. re: Cereal Killer

            I third Mata Hari. Excellent food and service.

            1. re: JonasBrand

              Let's not go overboard here!
              Matahari is pleasant, presentable and IMO a good place for, say, a first date, as the food isn't too challenging.
              However service is erratic (at best) - seems to be ONLY one server (the owner) who is cheerful, but easily overwhelmed.
              And the menu certainly includes some pleasant Malaysian food - but wanders all over the SE Asian map - Thai, Vietnamese, Szechuan etc. This is 'white bread' ethnic food - competently prepared in a better-than-average environment (tablecloths, bright lighting, pleasant atmosphere). And you pay more at Matahari than at other places in the same area.
              I am happy to eat here - it's always a safe bet - but for me, not really a destination.

              1. re: estufarian

                I'm not discrediting your claim, but I've never had an experience like that at Matahari. I've seen always at least two people working tables and the service has always been impeccable. I drink a lot of water, thus making it a huge challenge for the wait staff to keep my glass filled. I can say that in all of my visits to Matahari, I can't remember a single time where this was an issue.

                What on their menu is Thai, Vietnamese, or Szechaun? I can't think of a single dish. My experience with Malaysian food is minimal, but I was under the impression that it was fairly authentically prepared Nyonya style Malaysian fare according to a Malaysian acquaintance and a Singaporean good friend who has a huge penchant for Nyonya.

                Agreed that the price is a bit steeper than I would like, but the quality is very high, I find, and the portion sizes are much more satisfying than most restaurants at that price point.

                I've found it very difficult to locate restaurants in this city that I really like, and Matahari Grill is one of the few that makes that list and has always been consistently excellent.

        1. I also like Mata Hari. There is also a place on Kennedy & hwy 7 (just north of 407) called Coconut Island that make a decent Roti Chanai and some other malaysian food decently, I would say similar quality to Restauran Malaysia. Unfortunately Coconut Village closed on Roncessvalles (they had a very good Roti Chanai). Anyone know of any others esp around the west end?

          1. Sounding like a broken record, I know, but Mata Hari is excellent. Great menu, something for everyone, not bad prices either.

            1. The Friendly Thai on Yonge (between Bloor and Wellesley) posts themselves as Thai and Malaysian restaurant. Not sure how authentic they are, but their Thai curry is certainly delish!

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                I had the worst meal I have had in a long time at this Friendly Thai. Deep-fried meat before inserting in cornstarch-thickened curry. And, there is nothing Malaysian about it. Don't bother checking it out.