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Aug 18, 2006 02:20 PM

Best Family Run Italian Resto?

My pic is Marinela's on Widmer just off of Adelaide in the Entertainment District. Calamari is the best in the city and the dipping sauce is homemade, as is their meatballs and gnocci. Anyone else have any more suggestions?

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  1. Camerini on Mt. Pleasant is amazing. They have a grilled calamari appetizer that is the best I've ever had. The complimentary bruschetta takes this simple dish to a new level.

    The long pastas are all homemade and the mushroom cream sauce is superb.

    This is a family restaurant in operation for over 25 years. Dad is the chef and Mom and the kids run the front of the house

    1. Da Gianni and Maria Trattoria
      796 St. Clair Ave. W.
      Toronto, ON
      M6C 1B6

      One of my personal faves in the City. Joanne Kates went crazy for it a while back, but it's now back to normal.


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        I definitely want to try it next, I looked at their menu during Salsa on St. Clair and was very impressed.

        Has anyone been to a small Mom & Pop Italian restaurant on the west side of Avenue, just north of Eglington?

        I forget the name of it and can't find reference to it anywhere.

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          I checked out the web site for this place and the menu looks great but they don't list any prices. Could you give an idea of what the apps and mains run approximately?


        2. Big Ragu on Lansdowne at St Clair....Miranda

          1. I like Vesuvio in the Junction.

            1. Coincidentally, I was on Corso Italia 3 times in the same week in July and had the chance to try a couple of spots that are often mentioned on this board. First up, we were celebrating the World Cup victory. Around 11:00 that night, feeling peckish, we happened into The Big Ragu - I recognized the name from this board. By that point, not surprisingly, they were out of beer and half the stuff on the menu - they told us this as soon as we walked in. The room is really small and cute with checkered red and white tablecloths, VERY friendly and personable service in spite of the fact that everyone was visibly exhausted from the day's and week's festivities. We ordered a couple of salads and a pizza - the pizza called for "mozzarella" and we were pleasantly surpised to see buffalo mozzarella (not sure if that's standard or if they had run out of ordinary mozzarella!). Anyway, everything was good - not stellar but quite good. All in all, a great experience - it had a nice "family" feel to it.

              By contrast, we went to Da Gianni e Maria the following Friday -it was the first night of the Salsa on St. Clair and so the streets were packed. The patio was full and so we sat inside. There was no a/c on when we got there and it was sweltering - customers were fanning themselves, dripping sweat and finally, after everyone complained, they turned the a/c but it never really cooled off. The service was s-l-o-w, practically absent. In fairness, it was a crazy night (though no more than the night of the World Cup win) but still, they knew the festival was on and I would think they could have staffed for it. And the food was just okay - other than one creamy pasta with salmon which was delicious, the other salads, pasta and other mains (can't recall what they were) were underflavoured and underwhelming. Unfortunately, nobody ordered the gnocchi which is meant to be one of their signature dishes but for a place I had heard so many good things about, I was really disappointed.