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Aug 18, 2006 02:19 PM

Lunch near NYU/Washington Square

Can someone recommend a casual place for a lunch meeting near NYU/Washington Square Park? To give you a better idea, Lupa is probably too expensive, and Gray Dog a little too casual and loud. Thanks.

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  1. Otto falls in the middle from a price standpoint. I am not sure how loud they pump their music during lunch, at dinner it is loud.

    1. This is the other direction from Grey Dog & Lupa, but I love Cafe Asean and have had a couple of nice meetings there. The food (southeast Asian) is outstanding, and the garden area out back is very pleasant.

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        I would second that. I thought this place quite lovely.

      2. Cafetasia on 8th between university and mercer is very good and has a $7 lunch special. Also southeast asian.

          1. north square
            le pain quotidien
            the adore