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Aug 18, 2006 02:04 PM

sunday brunch in Ogunquit/Wells

know anyplace that has a decent brunch buffet? thanks

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  1. I looked through my Ogunquit Brochure and found nothing for brunch buffets. The only possibility is that the Cliff House in York has brunch- you can call them- it may be a buffet since
    this is a large hotel. Good places for breakfast in ogunquit and wells are Egg and I, Omelete Factory, Bintliffes, Bessies. Avoid the Wild Blueberry Cafe in ogunquit- they put all the people with kids in a hot backroom with loud live music to mask the sound of kids. Nasty.
    Amore cafe is only breakfast- i personally do not like it- coffe is lousy and they charge extra for real maple syrup but there are others who like it.
    Favorite place for breakfast is Food and Co. on Rout One going South in York- short distance past stonewall kitchen.

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      Though it's not a buffet, there is great food, at all times of the day, at the Maine Diner...I think it's in Wells, if I remember correctly. Wonderful food and service.

    2. great thanks for the info

      1. There is a nice place for sunday brunch in Ogunquit , its called Jonathans, its on Bourne lane. next to the Meadowmere resort. We usually go there at least twice a year when we stay at the Meadowmere Resort. Give it a try .

        1. There is a restaurant called Johnathams on Bourne lane, just before the Meadowmere resort that serves Brunch. This is Ogunquit just off of Rt.1.