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Aug 18, 2006 02:04 PM

Chilli Chicken (the restaurant) in JH

there was a positive mention of this (new) place (on roosevelt between 73rd and b'way) in this week's time out new york. has anyone been? i've only been by in the am when the gate is down so i have no impression--but the grand opening sign is up. there is also a new afghan place going in next door...and a new pho place around the corner on 73rd...

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  1. a new pho place on 73rd at Roosevelt? That would be lovely. I'm going to go check that out tomorrow (probably) and perhaps Chilli Chicken later this week--thanks for mentioning both of them. I'll report back in once I've gone.

    1. Noticed Chilli Chicken on the way back from Sripraphai on Friday - looked nice but I was on the opposite side of the street. I'd love to hear some comments on it, though, as I've gotten a bit bored with Tangra in Sunnyside.

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        How was the much-discussed Srip. dinner?

      2. I just passed by the new PHO restaurant. Small menu with reasonable prices (PHO is $4.99). Other dishes slightly more which include Korean noodles dishes. A great addition to the nabe. Nice selection of smoothie drinks. I plan to visit this week. Looking forward to the Afghan opening. Hope the prices are more reasonable than Afghan Kebab on 75th & 37th St.

        1. I finally went to the new pho place today and am very happy to report that it's a fine addition to the neighborhood. Though the windows are darkened, the place is light inside (and the painted neon-ish lime green walls are yet another reminder that cooking and decorating talent are definitely not connected). I was in there about 12:45 and the place had a small but pretty food happy group of diners. I decided to do take-out. They served up my chicken pho ($4.99 for a medium--but it's huge) perfectly. I was really happy that they did separate containers for the soup and the fixings--so the sprouts, jalapenos, and noodles still had their shape when I got home (just three blocks away but it would have been long enough to wilt all the fixings). The broth is vibrant and fragrant--and, best of all, tasty. In the restaurant (and in the takeout bag) they offer up hoisin and sriracha so you can customize the sweet and the heat. The chicken was was all white meat so I was a drop worried that it was going to be dried out but it was nice and moist. The medium was big enough for two people for lunch (though it's pretty yummy stuff so you may not want to share).

          Beyond pho, they have some rice dishes and a few appetizers. The owner (a very nice lady who seemed excited about her new place) said they'll offer delivery in about two weeks. I think I'll definitely be a regular there--especially during the winter.

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            I checked out this pho place today. Unfortunately, it wasn't very good. Having been spoiled by the pho in LA, this was probably the worst bowl of pho I've ever had.

            The place is run by Koreans and their facsimilie of pho is not up to par. First is the lack of choice in the meats department. They've got the rare beef, meatballs, and tripe. However, no tendon! My favorite pho is a combo with extra tendon. Oh well. The plate of herbs that they brought out was pitiful. A small mound of bean sprouts, a wedge of lime, few slices of jalapeno and 4 sorry-looking cilantro leaves. No ngo gai (the saw-tooth herb), nor mint, nor even basil. I could have overlooked the lack of foliage, but the broth was bland with no flavor of star anise or any other spice, and definately not a high enough beef to water ratio. It also wasn't hot enough to force me to slurp the noodles. The "rare beef pho" also arrived without a trace of pink remaining on the gray meat. The noodles were a bit overcooked and not the fresh kind. The spring roll I'd ordered was nothing special, containing fake crabmeat instead the shrimp I was expecting. Even the complementary kimchee I was offered was below average and my water tasted like soap.

            The two Korean ladies serving were nice to me however. Perhaps the chicken pho or the Korean-leaning dishes are better. But it looks like yet another mediocre addition to the hood.

          2. i've been meaning to post this for a while, but after my initial post, i decided to take the plunge last friday night at chilli chicken. got delivery (DELIVERY!!) from them, it was less than 1/2 hour from call to buzzer--pretty good. i want to say that the food was pretty good, too. i asked for everything spicy, and they complied. i was also ordering without a menu, so the man on the phone was very helpful matching what i wanted with what was on the menu (which is MUCH smaller than places like tangra). got chicken lollypops--good, these came wet, which i was not expecting, so they were even messier than usual, but spicy and tasty. i might ask for them dry next time--then my son might eat them. also got the chilli paneer app--tasty, spicy, with lots of onions and peppers and a thinner, oily (not bad oily) sauce. then had manchurian veg (kofta balls) which was pretty good. i liked the kofta better than my wife, but the sauce was fine, and went a long way with the rice. finally, got chilli-garlic noodles, which were quite good. not too greasy, very peppery (black pepper, i think) and they disappeared fast. in any case, it was all eaten, and was quite satisfying. i am having some trouble comparing it to meals at tangra masala in the past, but i thought that it was really pretty darn good, and the delivery option helps immeasurably. i'll be back.