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Aug 18, 2006 01:31 PM

Herb keeping in glass jars question...

I've read this thread with interest but want to know if each herb requires its own glass jar? Or can I put, for example, dill and cilantro in the same jar? Or will "sharing" cause too much of a flavor interchange? I often have several different herbs & want to avoid filling the fridge with glass jars if possible. Thanks for any help/advice....

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  1. Well, I did limited research in this area, but one jar had both parsley and basil in it and it seemed like they kept to their own kind and didn't mate flavor-wise.

    Just dont pack the jars tightly otherwise the moisture stays on the leaves and has no way to drip off, leading to slime. Be sure to blot dry with a towel before placing in jars. A little natural maisture and fogging is ok, too much ... not good.

    1. I keep mine separated and purchase the old mason jars on Ebay for my herbs. Works really well.

      1. I squeeze as much as possible into my herb keeper and have never had a problem with flavors blending.