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Aug 18, 2006 12:41 PM

Favorite breakfast tacos in Houston

My vote goes to Villas Arcos at 3009 Navigation. Not exactly a secret, but certainly a hole in the wall. For about $2.75 a pop for the potato, egg, bacon, bean, and cheese (Bacon Super), it's as close to the ultimate comfort food that I can find, and tops any other breakfast I can imagine.

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  1. I really like the breakfast tacos at El Rey Taqueria (various locations; I go to the one at Shepherd & Washington). They may be a little small, but they're cheap (maybe $1.25 each). And believe it or not, the ones at Pappas BBQ are really good too.

    1. Another vote for Villa Arcos. They have excellent menudo too.

      1. Another vote for El Rey. The non-breakfast tacos are great too.

        Technically it isn't in Houston, but out here on the western prairie we love Bob's Taco Station in Rosenberg. Everyone in my Richmond office is very happy when someone is kind enough to make a "Bob's run."

        1. Taqueria la Flor on Washington (near Patterson..just east of Shepherd) has great, cheap and authentic tex-mex breakfast tacos and great food for lunch and dinner too. Get there quick, before a high-rent shopping center takes over...(let's hope not).

          1. Another vote for Villa Arcos...but will have to try El Rey and Pappas BBQ for breakfast.

            Villa Arcos is closed Monday, and at 1 or 2pm other afternoons. It also lacks air conditioning. The owner is really nice, too.