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Hey I'm just wondering if anyone can make any good suggestions that are fairly inexpensive, nothing fancy, but fairly close by to the Eatons Center. I'm not a traveler, I live here in Toronto, but I am always looking for some new suggestions. Thanks!!

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  1. Salad King 335 yonge (but entrance on Gould). Expect a line-up.

    1. Terroni on Victoria is not super pricey, Sen5es at Queen & Yonge from 8-6pm, great lunch combo's under $13...

      Salad King is great - I think you can make a resy...not sure. Or, you can order takeout (preorder though)

      They did open a Spring Rolls on Dundas and Yonge as well a while back.

      cheers. www.mishsplayground.com

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        Where exactly is the Sen5es at Queen and Yonge?

        I've tried the Spring Rolls at Dundas/Yonge (Atrium on Bay) twice and was not impressed either time. The food was not very tasty and the pad thai was probably one of the worst I've had.
        Others will probably disagree as the place is always really busy.

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          The Sen5es is on the NE corner of Yonge & Queen, in the same building as the TTC station.

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            completely and totally agree. although i think it would be more tolerable if they went easier on the sauces...

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              Agreed on the badness that is Spring Rolls. Avoid at all costs. I've been dragged repeatedly to the Pickle Barrel in the Atrium and again, it's no so horrible if you stick to the basics but the money is better spent on restauarants or smaller places that actually focus on making a few things good rather than having a large chain menu.

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                You're right about Spring Rolls. Flavourless crap.

                Salad King is real good in my opinion. I was just there and had the Pad Thai and Green Curry chicken. Mmmmmm....

            2. Check out this thread, since the hotel is close by...


              1. I have been to Spring rolls a few times, not bad, but not great (but what can you expect from a chain?). What kind of food is Sen5es?

                1. Sen5es is in teh Bank of Montreal building (northeast corner of Y & Q)

                  They serve mainly soups, salads and sandwiches but they are very, VERY good.

                  1. There are a few restaurants along Dundas - between University and Bay that are always hopping during lunch hours...Coconut Grove gets good reviews and seems very cheap...there are a couple of Thai places as well (I recall a former colleague used to love Thai Thani (?)) for their inexpensive combos..if you venture over to University, just a bit North of Dundas, the Avenue Cafe has nice grilled sandwiches and salads but is crazy busy over the lunch hour...the cafeteria in the Standard Life building (Elm and University, 2nd floor) usually has a good lunch special and it's always cheap!

                    1. Japango is just 1.5 blocks west of Yonge along Dundas and has excellent sushi at a great price. It's fresh, beautifully done and run by real Japanese chefs. Good for takeout too and is still one of the best places I can find for sushi in Toronto,

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                      1. I don't like Salad King because when I went there, I didn't get good service and I didn't like the food. However, there are many people that like it, so give it a try because you might love it. Let us know what you think.

                        Chinatown and Kensington isn't far from there if you don't mind walking. I found a place with tasty Korean short ribs (kalbi) the other day at 8 Andrew St (Spadina, it bridged Chinatown and Kensington) called Ka Chi. I loved the kimchi too. I found the service to be okay. It wasn't very fast, but it wasn't at a snail pace either or efficient. I had to ask two times for something when I went. It was a reasonable wait given cooking times so I can't really quibble and the people there were friendly. To be fair, I have to mention that it was the first time that I had Korean bbq, but I liked my first taste, so I'll be hunting.

                        I also tended to walk towards Yonge and Bloor to try the places around there when I was at Ryerson. I liked the butter chicken and naan at Kathmandu Restaurant (517 Yonge St). It was very good. I had the lunch buffet. The naan comes fresh in a basket. It's fluffy inside and perfectly crispy outside with those occasional little brown bubbly toasted bits on the exterior.

                        ...Damn you, cholesterol!

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                          mmm sounds soooo good. i love naan when its done well

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                            I found an older thread that asked the same question as visitors were staying near the Eaton Centre. Here it is.