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Aug 18, 2006 11:55 AM

El Palenque or El Sol


Anybody checked either of these two out? Or have a better suggestion for a good (but on the less expensive side)Mexican?


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  1. Hernandos Hideaway has two locations, one of Yonge and Wellseley, and one on Wellington near church and front ( I have only been to this location). The menu is huuuuge and fairly cheap, and the food was pretty good. I dont really know what makes mexican food extraordinary. But it tasted pretty good to me.

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    1. re: hungryabbey

      I have been to Hernandos Hideaway actually but some years ago. I was at the one near Front.

      It was good and tasty although I remember it being the typical tomato soaked cheese filled take on Mexican food.

    2. Don't know El Palenque but have tried El Sol on two occasions. As much as we thought the food was quite good, it didn't make up for the atrociously slow service. Thinking it was just an off night, we ecncountered the same thing on our next visit. The ironic part is that it was not very busy on both visits. Come on, 45 minutes to get an appetizer? We even had to chase the server down for a drinks refill. Apparently locals refer to it as el slo. Good service is an important aspect of the dining experience and this place needs a lot of work in that department. We won't be returning.

      1. I haven't been to El Palenque in awhile but we went there a few times and it was really nice. Once, the server's grandmother was there visiting from Mexico and doing the cooking, so I just ordered whatever Grandma made.

        El Sol has really good margaritas (not those nasty slushy things) and yowza chicken mole but it really is that slow. Don't go when you're starving, and get into the "on vacation" vibe, forget you're in Toronto and imagine that you're in the Yucatan for a few hours. Then it won't seem like such a big deal when the service is slow.

        1. El Sol is always really slow. I don't plan on doing anything else that night if I'm going there. Their beans alone make it worthwhile. I wish I could replicate them in my own kitchen.

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          1. re: lissar

            I agree. The service is painfully slow because they make everything fresh to order. Of course, that also gives you an excuse to have a few margaritas.
            And yes, the beans alone are worth visiting. I wish they were available for take out.
            The chicken mole is delicious, as are the chorizo tacos.

            1. re: mummy2Luna

              That's true. Or a few of those High Heels drinks.

          2. El Palenque closed three years ago. The new owners changed the name to El Rincon. El Sol is still much better.