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Aug 18, 2006 09:26 AM

London sushi? What are your favourites?

Personally I trek all the way from Central London to Golders Green to eat at Cafe Japan and have done for some time. Their Yellow Tail must surely be the best fish bargain in London. The grilled eel is also sublime.

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  1. There are some excellent places heading east.

    I am a fan of Matsuri on Holborn although it is nosebleed inducingly expensive.

    Tajima -Tei on Leather Lane is very good and a haunt for japanese ex pats.

    Of more recent places, Saki in Smithfield is very good indeed

    Blossom was one of my favourites in Hoxton Sq although I have not been since it moved to City point. If the quality is up to that in the post below it will be worth a visit

    More centrally, for a simple lunch, I still like Kulu Kulu on Brewer st although Kai Ten sushi is not my preferred choice


    1. Yes, I like Kula Kula and often go there for Sat lunch, I particularly love the way they do the egg-plant puree (whatever its called)

      Blossom was very good, they moved very suddenly and I have yet to visit their new location.

      Has anyone been to the Ginnan on Roseberry Avenue?

      1. In my neighb Inaho on Hereford road Notting Hill/Bayswater.

        Only can serve 20 to 25 at a time but always worth it for solid sushi & japanese dishes. Never anything fancy just good ingredients & decent prices.

        I love the salmon skin maki, tuna tatake, atsuage tofu, and many other dishes here.


        1. How is Ikeda on Brook St these days?

          A long time ago I lived in London for two years. There were only about 4 Japanese restaurants in London and only one had good sushi, actually great sushi and that was Ikeda. Really samll sushi bar in the back. I know the chef is long gone and chef is whole game.

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            The current sushiya at Ikeda has been there for about 10 years. It is very good, by London standards, and is very expensive, but high quality, with a fairly narrow selection of very good fish. One of my favourites in London.

            There is a place in Ealing called Sushi-hiro which is good and quite cheap, and very "authentic" -- completely characteristic characterless sushi bar like many in Japan. Worth going to if you are price sensitive.

          2. I just thought I would give Pham Sushi in Whitecross Street (another scruffy inner London street market that is gradually reinventing itself) a mention.

            There must have been sushi delegation in town because this place was packed to the gunnels, with a good showing of Japanese, which has to be a good sign.

            The sushi and sashimi were extremely good, the salmon negiri so delicious I had to have more. Then we tried some of their specialities. The miso blackened cod was exceptionally beautiful, one of the most delicious pieces of fish I have eaten for many years. The grilled eel over rice was suberb too.

            As we left, the waitress apologised for being so busy.

            With saki and beers the bill came to just over £60, very good value.