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Aug 18, 2006 08:51 AM

bakeware recommendations

I need to get a couple of jelly roll pans and am wondering if the All-Clad bakeware is worth the price. I do a lot of baking around the holidays and my old aluminum pans are getting kind of grotty. I detest the Baker's Secret and the other flimsy ones - they buckle and warp the cookies - and I don't like non-stick or air cushioned pans.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

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  1. I seem to remember reading a Cook's Illustrated article that rated All-Clad bakeware and concluded it wasn't all that, or at least not at that price - maybe I'm hallucinating?

    I have three large, very heavy aluminum pans (not non-stick) that I bought at Costco and love them. But you can get them at restaurant supply stores anytime. Recently bought a small Chicago Metallic pan that is almost as good.

    1. I haven't seen the All Clad. But I'd been looking for a few jelly roll pans to replace ones that disappeared over the years. I ended up getting some 18 ga. full and half sheets at a restaurant supply place yesterday (Superior Products- They had a special on the house brand for, IIRC, $6 for half size, and $7 or $8 for full size. Also grabbed a Wear Ever in quarter sheet that was about the same price.

      I'd actually looked for the Costco ones, b/c I'd seen them a long time ago, but my local store didn't have any.

      1. Chicago Metallic gets great reviews, and I love the Calphalon pans I have from Marshall's/Ross. They're always under $10, they're heavy aluminum with rolled edges, keep up well over time, are a breeze to clean, and make more evenly baked than the old pans I had in the same shape and sizes. I have 8" and 9" rounds, and 9x5" loaf pans, and it's all I can do from going back for more and more.

        Edit: just read that you detest non-stick. The Calphalon are nonstick, but still make beautifully browned cakes.

        1. I really like Nordic Ware for my baking needs, I think their products are of a good quality and are reasonably priced, certainly not as expensive as All-Clad. I am not sure if they are non-stick, though. I always use that spray butter stuff when I bake, but not the kind with funky chemicals in it.