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Aug 18, 2006 06:03 AM

Tokyo chowdown in Sept?

Hello: My wife and I (two San Francisco chowhounds) will be visiting Tokyo next month from Sept. 21 through Sept. 26. Neither of us have been to Tokyo before and we're hoping to sample as much of the wonderful, local cuisine as we can. To that end, we're wondering if you Tokyo chowhounds ever get together for meals at restaurants serving inspired, neighborhood-style food. If so, we think it might be fun to organize a group dinner for one of the nights we're in town. What better way to learn about and appreciate a city and culture than to explore its food offerings with fellow food-lovers. If this sounds like fun, please reply and hopefully we can work something out.

Best regards,

Marc & Erin

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  1. There are SO many different food and drink experiences available in Tokyo that I wouldn't know where to start when showing visitors. Please give an idea of the kind of things you're interested in, and maybe some Tokyo 'hounds would pitch in and want to help organize a meal.

    Where do you usually go in SF for interesting Japanese food? That will give me an idea of what you'd be into here.

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      Thanks for your reply. In SF and environs we frequent a wide variety of Japanese restaurants ranging from those specializing in simple meals to more high-end sushi and sashimi places where we usually take the omakase route. We're adventurous eaters and would love to try places offering items or styles that would be hard to find here. I hope this helps. In deference to the board police, please send future correspondence to And thanks again for your reply.

    2. The logistics of planning chowhound dinners are off topic for our boards. Mark & Erin, please provide an email address for people to contact you privately to discuss plans.